ThermoVape T1 Review

May 15

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ThermoVape T1 Review

The ThermoVape t1 is ultra portable, comparable to other mini vapes like the MFLB, Vapman, and Alivi8

The ThermoVape by Thermo Essence Technologies is a very confusing vaporizer at first. There are about 9,000 different attachments to let you vaporize basically any material you can imagine. Here I’ll be reviewing the ThermoVape T1, which is their convection herbal vaporizer, not for use with oils and concentrates.

The size of the T1 vaporizer is really nice. It’s basically like a thick marker. The first thing I did almost out of instinct was throw it right in my pocket to see how it felt. I could barely even notice it was there for the most part and could totally see myself throwing the ThermoVape in my pocket and hitting the road.

The ThermoVape T1 unscrews into three basic parts. First you have the top mouthpiece part with screen, then the herb chamber and heating core, and finally the battery chamber. The threading on all of the parts is seriously top quality. Anything with threading usually drives me nuts because it is low quality and can strip easily. This is absolutely no concern with the ThermoVape T1.

The rechargeable batteries that comes with the ThermoVape are Tenergy RCR 123A batteries, which are supposed to offer a longer life cycle than most other rechargeable batteries out there. They are pretty short, about half the size of a standard AA battery. You get six of them with the ThermoVape and it only takes two of them to operate it. The charger you get for the batteries has space to charge four batteries at once, so conceivably you can have two batteries in the ThermoVape T1 and the other four charging. The charger also has adapters for charging from a wall or a car charger. Car chargers right out of the box are rare, so that’s a nice addition.

ThermoVape T1 Bottom View

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Using the ThermoVape for the first time I quickly realized the potential of this vape. Pushing the battery chamber upwards to start heating the ThermoVape is an effortless motion and after only a few seconds I had a huge pull of vapor. The vapor was pretty smooth as well, but I worked on how long I held the battery chamber up for to really find the sweet spot. I’ve learned that holding the chamber up for about 5-6 seconds seems to be the sweet spot I just mentioned. This gave me large pulls, but the vapor was also super smooth.

I was a little concerned with how hot the battery chamber was getting after some rapid back to back pulls, but shortly I figured out what was causing it. My first session with the ThermoVape happened to be with my friend and because we were passing it back and forth so fast we just weren’t giving it enough time to cool down. Just make sure when using it solo or with a friend that you give it a little time to chill between pulls. Basically, calm yourself, the ThermoVape isn’t going anywhere my friend.

My first two batteries lasted through about 20 minutes or so of continuous vaporization. This might not seem like long, but you have to consider you are only holding the battery in for 5-6 seconds at a time, so that is easily over 100 pulls. That’s a rough estimate, but needless to say the ThermoVape battery life is not a concern, especially when you get 6 batteries total.

Cleaning the ThermoVape T1 was a lot easier than I expected. When I dumped out my used material pretty much all of it came out of the chamber. Anything left behind easily brushed off. After a few uses a could see some slight build up so I swabbed the chamber with some ISO alcohol and the used material came right off. I also loved that just the mouthpiece tip comes off for some easy cleaning. Really, start to finish, cleaning the T1 vape was pretty hassle free.

I’m really impressed with the ThermoVape T1 vaporizer top to bottom. The small design, quick heat up, ease of use, great vapor quality, simple cleaning, and portable potential all come together in this sweet harmony of features to deliver an awesome vaporizer that I’m sure I will use for a long time.

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